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. that virginia tech ball club, if they won that game, they would have gone to the series. >> jason: florida state second place in the atlanta division behind klemm klemm sen. trailing klemm sen by two games. miami trailing georgia tech by one game in the coastal division. miami will have to win tonight to keep pace with the yellow jackets drilling the blue devils. miami doesn't face georgia tech until the month of may. the 14th through the 16th in atlanta. jason morris will face his former college baseball team. morris came to coral gables via georgia tech and hasn't. so that's the series to look forward to. the pitch is inside just as miami trails georgia tech their first place in the coastal division, the virginia cavaliers trail miami by just one game for t the it. stri by can you remember? >> i don't think it mattered. i was so small at the plate, i didn't have a strike zone. >> jason: any freshman hazing as we see miami for the first time tonight go down in a still evasive attempt and a very late jump by david villasuso. >> i'm not sure if that was a the hit-and-run. you saw villasuso looki
are furious at the governor of virginia for his decision to declare april confederate history month. we'll talk to former virginia governor doug wilder and get his thoughts. >>> joe murray of on deck sports made one product, pitching mounds for indoor baseball facilities. his customers loved them and urged him to branch out. he added artificial turf and other baseball equipment, scoring a home run with his growing client base. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happe
performance for him in blacksberg, virginia, against virginia tech. went 8 innings of shutout basable against the hokeys. and his e.r.a. coming into the came, 13th best in the acc at 2.97. facing a very powerful miami team here. and a groundball snared by the 1st baseman kroker. thrown to 1st and lopez did not apply the tag on the speedy zeke devoss. and more controversy in the gables. >> wicho: i think that's partially the inexperience of carlos lopez. take a look. good play by the 1st baseman here. did not look like it was too mentr, lotting his tart at base. we'll tahere, jaso that throw and at first glance to looks like it got away. lopez getting his second start at 1st base. i think it's just one of those situations where you are not there. it looks like he could have stayed on the bag and it would have been a much easier play. even though i think the bag would still slide. for the second time in the the ballgame this will go in the hurricanes' favor. looks like the wrong call was made. >> jason: great job by the 3rd baseman kroker to field that sharply hit groundball. so the hurricanes
week. >> good to be back. it was cold this morning. scattered frost through central virginia and the central shenandoah valley all melted off quickly. now with the bright april sun, a beautiful blue sky. live view from the sky watcher camera. temperatures into the 50s now and it's in the low to mid 50s not only in washington but prince george's county, arlington, montgomery counties into the mid 50s. it's cooler right on the bay where there's a bit of a breeze on the bay, especially on the eastern side. winds making it feel quite chilly there. inland well into the 50s. the mountains bottomed out in the 30s there this morning. mid 50s throughout much of virginia and southeastern virginia. mid 50s. a clear sky will be with us throughout the rest of the day with high pressure over the region. so a sunny mild afternoon, not as breezy as it was over the weekend. still a bit of a blustery wind out of the northwest as highs climb into the mid 60s. we'll look at the weekend coming up in a few minutes. barbara. >> thank you. >>> and now steve hirschhorn has an update on our midday tra
the four miners missing in west virginia did not survive the deadly explosion. where their bodies were found. >>> the grandmother of an adopted russian boy packs his bags, puts him on a plane to moscow alone. now her decision is sparking outrage on both sides of the globe. >>> and the scandal that rocked his life hasn't hurt his golf swing, tiger woods is near the top of the leader board at the masters. rafer weigel tells us what woods needs to do to win another green jacket. >>> you're watching hln on this saturday, april 10th. glad you're with us, i'm susan hendricks. >>> we begin in west virginia where the search for those four missing miners has come to a tragic end. rescue workers found the miners' bodies last night. a mine safety official says rescuers actually passed the bodies on earlier trips into the mine, but conditions inside the shaft were so bad, they couldn't see the miners until last night. families, of course, were hoping the miners were waiting for rescue in one of the underground safety chambers, but west virginia's governor said this. >> none of the chambers had bee
intensifies for four miners after monday's deadly blast at a west virginia coal mine. recrews are making proing res while families for the 25 killed are making final arrangements. west virginia governor joe manchin telling us rescuers have made a breakthrough completing one of the four bore holes in the area where miners are believed to be. that hole is an exhaust port using high-pressure fans to fill the gas-filled mine with clean air. here's the heart wrenching reality. there's been no response from any of the missing miners as rescuers continue to knock on pipes hoping those miners will reply. we've got big-time team coverage. "american morning's" john roberts live in naoma with the part of this. chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, as well, medically speaking, could the four remaining miners still be alive? and ed lavandera praying that that answer is yes. john, you actually talked to the ceo of this mine. let's go ahead and listen to his defense as you grilled him on production, profits and mine safety. >> wield disagree in terms of the condition of our mines. a number of
tomorrow on that deadly west virginia mine explosion. on sunday, president obama and vice president biden attended a memorial service for the 29 miners in buckley, west virginia. the president told the miners' families that he would work for safer mining work environments. >> we cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. they're with the lord now. our task here on earth is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. to do what we must do individually and collectively to assure safe conditions underground. >>> gl. >> a preliminary report says the cause of the blast was a buildup of methane gas or coal dust. >>> before he traveled to west virginia, the president was in north carolina. an armed man who was spotted at the airport as the president was leaving is under arrest. 23-year-old joseph sean mcvey of ohio was charged with a misdemeanor. police saw mcvey in a parking lot getting out of his car with a side arm. he was not near the president's plane, which had just departed. authorities said he had formulas for rifle scopes. he's being held on a $100,000 bail. >>> they're close, but
of virginia. so for washington, d.c. to virginia beach to norfolk, you do need your umbrella this morning. it should be beautiful this morning. northern plains look pretty good. at least for today denver should be good, and much of texas should be okay, but there will be scattered strong storms as we go throughout the next couple of afternoons. that's a quick look at your wednesday forecast. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. salt lake city, utah, this morning has been seeing some stormy weather mostly to the north of you. so in the rockies, it's kind of the worst of the weather today. raleigh, north carolina, showers and storms also for you. well, we'll take a look at where more of that wet weather is located when i come back. >> all right. thank you, bill. >>> well, apple delivers, delta sees brighter skies, and proof you really can advertise anywhere. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, talk about therapy material, kim kardashian wishes she hadn't posed for "playboy" and blames her mom. >>> the celtics roll without kevin garnett, the n
the tragedy in west virginia. we talk exclusively with one family who lost three loved ones. also hear from the owner of the mine. what abo all those safety violations? >>> plus, nuclear fallout. republicans lash out at the president over his new restrictions on newsing nuclear weapons. is a new cold war brewing here at home? >>> plus, flying the costly skies? if you want to carry on your luggage, you better carry some extra cash. >>> and a royal wedding, could it be coming? new signs that prince william may finally be ready to pop the question. >>> well, it is now a race against time to reach the four miners still trapped more than 1,000 feet under ground after monday's mine explosion in west virginia. rescuers started drilling ventilation holes ovnight, some 1,200 feet under ground, where they hope to find the 4 miners alive. it will take hours of painstaking and potentially dangerous work. >> they managed to drop a microphone into the mine. but they have not picked up the banging on the pipes that would signal someone is alive. they're hoping for a miracle. >>> we're also going to talk t
virginia, hoping her flight to norway would still be flying. it is not, and her new flight is eight days away. >> they do not know if they at any hotels and the other night. >> all he wants to do is check out of his d.c. hotel and get to paris in time to beat his wife in time for their wedding anniversary and his 85th birthday next week -- time to meet his wife. >> i want to go. >> millions of flights have been grounded. >> you cannot get through. you cannot get through germany. there is just no way out. >> an airliner taxiing after a test flight to amsterdam. several test flights throughout the day, and none reported problems due to the volcanic ash. and there is no word on what will happen for the flights on monday. the decision will not be made until monday, based on the air quality in europe. it will be 7 to 10 days or more before all of the stranded passengers worldwide are able to get to the destinations they are trying to get to. this is costing the airlines an estimated $200 million per day. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >>> travel restrictions kept president obama and several othe
eso, pos no!" y es en el barrio de georgetown sur, en virginia, los robos los cometen los afroamericanos...las victimas son los hispanos... "la victima era caminando en una tienda, y en el otro caso, la victima era caminando entre casas...." los asaltos ocurren en la noche y en plena calle... con un palo o a patadas, los atacantes interceptan para golpear a sus victimas.... este pasado fin de semana dos hispanos golpeados... "los sospechosos le pegaron a las victimas y robaron como dinero, un ipod" sin tener describciones especificas, la policia esta buscando a un grupo de jovenes afroamericanos ...tambien buscan a una joven de 13 anos... esta ama de casa dice que en el barrio los asaltos no son ajenos, muchos se aprovechan que algunos hispanos no hablan ingles... "quizas uno no se puede defender y ya ellos ...como ellos son de aqui pues se aprovechan de uno...." la policia insta a hispanos en el area a no salir de noche solo... "si tiene que ir a una tienda y no puede manejar, camine con un dos o 3 person
. >>> president obama and vice president biden were in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to the 29 miners who lost their lives earlier this month in one of the nation's worst coal mine disasters in decades. he told the families of the work es the nation will honor their memory by improving the mine safety. nbc's brian mooar has that story. ♪ >> reporter: in west virginia an emotional farewell to the 29 miners lost in the worst mine accident this nation has seen in 40 years. president obama joined by vice president biden was there to pay his respects to those who perished. >> well, these miners lived as they died, in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: and he paid tribute to those who go back into the mines every single day. one by one, the lost miners' names were read alod. >> rex lane mullins. >> reporter: their family members filed in, and a helmet was placed on a white cross. it's been nearly three weeks since the deadly explosion in upper big branch. the mine's operator massey energy is facing scrutiny for a long string of safety violations, but on this day the focus is on the l
night. the canes defeat the the owls last wednesday 2-5. then miami on the road against the virginia tech hokeys. and virginia tech a win in talahassee last night. last check had a one run lead over the florida state seminoles this evening as well. once again a change in the lineup for wake forest. shane kroker is substituted for
into a west virginia mine to look for survivors. now the search has turned into a desperate, dangerous race. >>> tiger woods is back and he's playing incredible golf. plus we've learned something pretty interesting about that controversial nike ad. who his dad was really talking to. >>> and a dentist is accused of doing root canals with paper clips. paper clips! unbelievable. >>> breaking news, though, rescuers are back inside a mine right now trying to find four missing miners in west virginia. four teams went in early this morning. they're really working against time. those rescue chambers have enough food and supplies for four days. it has been almost that long since monday's explosion. rescuers got within 500 feet of where they think the survivors could be, but had to turn back that close because of dangerous gases. >> the sample results have declined. it might have been a small amount but basically we still see a decline to the point that all three parties are in agreement that we need to try to get to the refuse chambers as we talked about earlier. the plan is for two teams to go unde
.c., in virginia, charges might have to be filed there. an airport spokeswoman says the case was referred to the lodan county attorney's office in virginia. coming up, we'll talk about the adoption agency and how it's reacting coming up. >> so interesting in that case. thank you so much, richard. talk to you soon. >> sure. >>> a prom dress made entirely of gum wrappers. >> she bought a ton of gum and gave it to friends and would collect the wrappers back. >> why she decided to make this bubbly gown, new in 20 minutes. >>> good news this morning if you're having a hard time finding a job right now, a bill extending jobless benefits cleared a hurdle in the senate but' not a done deal just yet. money expert jennifer westhoven is here with more on that. >> thank you, natasha. it's not done so i can't tell you, yes, you'll get the checks if you're counting on them and a lot of people have written to n to say what's going on with this, jen, because i really need them. this is what some people are saying. there is a greater possibility it is going to happen. senate democrats got enough votes to
unaccounted miners for in west virginia but crews have, in fact, confirmed that the last four, in fact, are dead. they have found bodies. that means now that 29 people died in monday's explosion that the west virginia mine. worse mining disaster in this country in almost 40 years now o. officials say the miners never made it to the safety chamber that is had food and oxygen. >>> more members of congress watching their backs. lawmakers reported 42 incidents of reports in the first three months of this year, that's nearly three times the 15 cases that were reported during the same time period last year. some of those threats were connected to the hard-fought battle over health care reform. >>> a plane carrying 132 people including poland's president and first lady has crashed in rush yeah. russian official says there are no survivors. a spokesman for poland's foreign ministry said the plane was approaching a airport and appears to have hit a row of trees. >>> want to turn back to the story keeping an eye on all week out of west virginia. the explosion that happened there and people holdi
explosion in west virginia and the hope that the missing miners are safe underground just waiting for rescuers. >> in this morning's "american landscape," last night's coverage from our charleston station wchs. >> from your capital city, this is eyewitness news. >> a deadly mine disaster in raleigh county is our top story tonight as we continue our coverage. >> the toughest part of this story is seeing the family members come in and out of the gates at massey energy at the mine site. and obviously they've been told, several of the family members of the miners that were killed in the explosion were coming in and out and they would stop their cars. you could see the raw emotion and the grief on their faces. this is terrible, terrible news for them and very difficult to deal with, obviously. the hope that is the miners are missing get to refuge shelters. those are the shelters that were required by law after the sago incident when all those miners died underground. so these refuge shelters are set to or said to be pretty close to where those missing miners were thought to be. if they
spent time in west virginia at the site of the tragic mining disaster. the impact of what's been happening to this community, well it's been going on for a very long time. marella is still waiting. in fact, l she has been waiting and worrying for decades. >> you're always concerned every time they walk off the door. about an explosion, the danger that exits there. there's so many things that can go wrong. >> reporter: so many dangers. some intense and unpredictable. in others that seem to creep into miner's lives over time. loreila's husband went to work at the mine for 30 years. >> going a couple of miles under ground in a very, very dark hole where it's dark and damp there's nowhere to go. >> add to the case of an explosion. over the past decade, 10,000 miners have died of black lung disease. there's neurological complaints as well. >> my daughter called me this morning. she was very upset. she said one of the hardest things she had to do -- was to send her husband to work today. >> today? >> today. she's terrifterrified. we all are. this could happen again today. we're disposa
in west virginia to begin looking into that explosion that killed 29 coal miners but they won't be able to enter the mine right away. toxic gases have risen to deadly high levels again. all underground operations have been suspended until the mine can be properly ventilated. only a few of the 29 miners have been removed to be buried. this afternoon, at 3:30, a moment of silence held to mark one week. >>> charging customers for the carry-on bags. last week, spirit announced an increase on the bags. they asked to charge the airlines for the fee. >>> when it was all over, the green jacket went to three-time winner phil mickelson. it was a dramatic final for mickelson who topped off the win with a long embrace with his ailing wife, his wife and mother are both battling breast cancer. >> such a great story. >>> now, a look at the weather from around the nation. another stormy day out west. heavy rain for much of california. 2 feet of snow in the sierras and a foot in the rockies. heavy rain in the dakotas, minnesota and withes with and some isolated thunderstorms across texas and south flori
back to >>> welcome back to "world news now." students, staff, and community leaders at virginia tech will reflect on the deadliest american peace-time shooting in history, carried out by a single gunman. >> three years ago today the gunman killed 32 people and then himself. from the abc news vault, world news coverage from april 16th, 2007. >> a lone gunman carries out the worst mass murder in u.s. history. the total, 32 killed, many more wounded, and a nation in shock. >> schools should be placed as a safety and sanctuary in learning. when that sanctuary is violated, the impact is felt in every american classroom and every american community. >> how could anyone do such a thing? tonight, campus tragedy. massacre at virginia tech. >> from abc news headquarters, this is "world news" with charles gibson. >> good evening. it is an act of evil on a scale that we've never seen in this country before. at 7:15 this morning in a virginia tech dormitory a lone gunman shot and killed two people, beginning what would become the deadliest shooting spree in u.s. history. more than two hours later
as tuscaloosa, alabama. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has high hopes for the commonwealth's tourism industry. and what it can do for the local economy here. he spoke about virginia's tourism summit today in fairfax. governor accounted virginia's rich civil war history as a big draw but he stopped short of making any specific mention of his controversial declaration of april as confederate history month. he also said that tourism will play a big role in balancing the budget. >> tourism can make a big difference so every room night, every ticket to king's dominion, every time somebody visits the park, it is revenues that visit the prif al at sector, create tax revenues for the state. >> governor mcdonnell also talked about push to get more virginians to take vacations within the commonwealth. >>> maryland governor martin o'malley was in college park continuing his jobs across maryland's tour. he said at the university of maryland to talk about the importance of a efficient government. new die that puts maryland at the top of a list in the country of states with jobs with huge growth f
meade. she's on assignment. time to get you caught up now. hope turns to more grief in west virginia. we have learned this weekend that no one survived that massive mine explosion. now federal investigators will try to uncover some answers. >>> and the talk was all about tiger, but fan favorite phil mickelson stole the show at the masters with an emotional win and his family really needed something to celebrate, and they certainly got it. >>> plus, the growing outrage over u.s. family who adopted a boy from russia only to send him back on a plane alone. >>> first, our top story on this monday. today west virginia authorities hope to start recovering the remaining 22 bodies of miners who died in the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1972. 29 minersdyed in last monday's explosion. and families sobbed as crews found the last four miners who were unaccounted for on saturday. some of the miners were laid to rest over the weekend. nearly two dozen funerals will follow in the coming weeks. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-hearted community that was holding on to a ve
on the road in the acc as he did this evening. wake forest was able to defeat virginia tech. there's a swing and a miss for two strike outs here for miranda. and also a victory at home against nc state. it marks the 21st and that one resolved. here we are in the tenth tonight. and three extra innings played the one mentioned as well and an 11 inning loss. it's 3-2 on march 17th. and a victory and a loss and one innings to ken state back in february. >> they are signature wins but much more than being a signature win if they aren't able to prove that. it's not that you are beating the hurricanes at home for the hurricanes but you are beating them having played what most people call a poor game. you a gave up so many errors in a ball game and getting in the way. and for coach walters to squeak this out and tell the young team we played as bad as you can imagine. it would be a huge victory for the program. for the hurricanes to say,, you know, we have a team in here that we think we are better than and we have more talent then they have and had sixors. we have to get a lot better. if not, it wi
in. there is a possibility that the volcano in iceland could spew more ash. >>> west virginia is considering regulations in response to the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. they say changes are needed to prevent another accident again. some of the proposals require barometerrer thes at all coal mine and more methods for methane protection. >>> we say good morning to howard bernstein. >> we need the rain. it has been dry. in some places already knocking inside the home. some showers to the west and southwest. some of the stuff in martinsburg area. these are light to moderate showers. this area of moisture coming from the southwest to the northeast. it is coming up the shenandoah valley there heavier to charlottesville on i-64 and coming in west of fredericksburg, as well. this will increase throughout the morning. temperatures are milder than yesterday. 40s to low 50s. we sit at 54. but we will not see a lot of movement thanks to the showers and the cloud cover. grab the rain gear. highs 60 to 61. angie is off this morning but kris sneed is in the traffic center. >>> we
. >>> then, unsafe underground. why investigators were raising concerns about the disastrous west virginia mine before last week's fatal explosion. >>> and, sports scandal. why dozens of girls' swimming coaches are banned for life. >> it was disgusting. at first i was in shock. i was -- i thought to myself, what is he doing? >> it's monday, april 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you're back. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> i was reading your facebook fan page and you have a new nickname too. >> what is it? >> mcnewsie. like mcdreamy? i thought, his mom's writing in again! >> she's on to me. it's good to be back. we've got "insomniac theater" this half hour. and a lot of interesting stuff going on this morning so stick around for that. good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm jeremy hubrd. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> we begin in poland where thousands are expressing their grief over the death of that country's president, his wife, and dozens of other polish leaders. >> now there are questions about why the pilot of the doomed flight did not follow dir
of congress to do that. now may be the time. david kerley, abc news, montcoal, west virginia. >>> leaders from arrived the world have arrived in washington for today's summit on nuclear security hosted by the president. the goal is to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials within four years. it's a goal intelligence experts say may be unrealistic but necessary. >> time is not on our side. as long as you have terrorist groups and others with the intent, and not just groups. iran, north korea, other states. the world's got to treat the nuclear threats that we face with a much greater sense of urgency than we have in the last few years. >> in addition to attending the summit, president obama will host one on one meetings today with china's president, jordan's king, and the leaders of malaysia, ukraine and armenia. >>> teens and young women who regularly drink alcohol have a higher risk of benign breast disease in their 20s which is a leading risk factor for breast cancer. that's according to a study of 9,000 young women published this morning. those who reported drinking at least six days a week
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
virginia for that memorial service for those dead west virginia miners, police started questioning and secret service started questioning a man by the name of joseph sean mcvey. he was sitting in his car and when he got out of the car, he was listening to radio scanners on a transistor radio and had a sidearm on him. he said he wanted to meet the president, wanted to speak to him. they decided after questioning him to arrest him since he was armed and was in a police car. his driver's license turned out to be invalid, his ohio driver's license. and also in the car, they found formulas for a rifle scope, which are used to measure distances. he makes his first court appearance today in north carolina and he is being held on $100,000 bond. secret service and other law enforcement officials say the president was never in danger and these things do happen sometimes where you have some suspect, unsavory individuals hanging around where the president is going, but they say he was not in danger. natalie? >> chuck todd for us at the white house. thank you, chuck. after leaving asheville, th
there. another pocket of rain ahead of that upper level low around areas like virginia in towards north carolina, too. the radar picture, most of the action off in the atlantic ocean. later today daytime heating. if you see any it will make things unstable so storms coming back into play. raleigh, rain showers around the state line with north carolina into virginia, and the rain itself near the beltway so we'll get some delays in the air when you get around d.c. because of the light pocket of rain moving through, also the poor visibility is definitely going to be out there, something we're watching. up to the north farther, things are okay, nice and sunny around boston. rain heads in later today, and it will be around new york so you get some delays out of that. weak impulse moving through the plains now. it is enough to generate light rain around eastern parts of nebraska and iowa, too. not a big deal. traveling by plane today world's busiest airport, check out atlanta, midtown covered up. the rain went through yesterday, the fog is up there. you'll see travel delays in atlanta for the
some showers across west virginia. around roanoke, light stuff. and further to the west and south, just a whole complex of showers. looks like saturday afternoon, some rain showers move in. we'll be much cooler. and additional chances of rain for sunday, monday, and maybe even tuesday. don? >> thank you very much. let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. kristi i heard you were working. and i thought i'd come in, too. >> good afternoon, don. thanks. i feel honored. unfortunately, the weather is holding out but traffic is not. it is going to be a difficult ride home. left lane blocked. traffic backed up to 795. delay is 20 minutes. north side inner loop. that's at a crawl. you're looking at almost 50 minutes to get by. as for 95 in the northbound direction, still slow there from caton avenue to the beltway. traffic sluggish on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound direction. that's from pedonia to the beltway. in parkville, taylor avenue. and moving to the city, we have too many accidents there to name. but just to include a few. south fulton at rams
a conservative that believes in our rights, our gun rights. >> john, my name is debbie from alexander, virginia, qualities i look for in a supreme court justice, honesty, someone who is strong and vote the right way. >> i don't think any of us would come out and say to you we have a formula for what the next membership looked like, just as long as the person is a capable, good person. >> intelligent, tolerant mind. we're seeing -- nothing wrong with transgenders. >> i believe we need a conservative woman you have to think yourself onthe room into the lives of the people whom these decisions will actually affect and you have to have a realistic imagine nation so you'll understand what the impact of this decision is going to be on those people. >> guy spending a lot 0 his reporting time on just who the president will make for the vacancy, senior white house correspondent ed rent hi. viewers have a split opinion, liberal conservative, where they live, what issue matters most. what's in your notebook? what is the president looking for? >> it's still early, think back to the track record of his firs
. >>> thanks to that cloud of volcanic ash, four young children in virginia can't be with mom and dad. they're stuck in europe and they simply cannot get home. the parents, that is. thank goodness for grandma and for skype. their emotional story is coming up a little bit later. >>> plus, a big meeting this week for president obama. he and senate leaders from both parties talk about a replacement for justice john paul stevens. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time. time for new zyrtec® liquid gels. they work fast. so i can get relief from the pollen that used to make me sneeze. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i get allergy relief at liquid speed. that's the fast, powerful relief of zyrtec®, now in a liquid gel. zyrtec® is the fastest 24-hour allergy medicine. so i'm ready by the first hole. with new zyrtec® liquid gels, i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] this week only, save up to $12 on zyrtec® products at zyrtectv.com and in sunday's paper. >>> all right. an obama administration official tells cnn the united states is updating military plans for potential strikes on iran's nu
to just comment on this. excuse me, just one brief, very brief comment. miners in west virginia, and i think throughout the country, are taught to escape first. they're taught to try to get out of the mine the way they came in first. they retreat to a chamber or rescue shelter as a last resort. when they have made the determination, if their training has taken, if they have made the determination that they need to go to a shelter, that that's the last place that they would go. the shelter is a sophisticated barricade in my opinion. >> is there any evidence at this point that you believe anyone is alive down there, is there any actual evidence of that? >> we don't have any at this point, but we just have hope >> how far is that refuge chamber from the entry point? do you know? >> it's 1 inch equals 500-foot map. i just guesstimated a few days ago, about 8000 feet. >> so the rescuers will have to go in 2 miles to get to that refuge. >> they'll ride in a certain assistance distance, they won't walk in from the outside. we'll get them in as quickly as possible for them to get in as far as
the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? >> i have an amendment at the desk. the clerk: amendment number 11 printed in house report 111-467 offered by mr. connelly of virginia. the chair: the gentleman from virginia, mr. connelly, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia. mr. connelly: i thank the chair and yield myself such time as i may consume. let me start by thanking the chairman and ranking member of the committee and the subcommittee for their leadership on this thoughtful legislation, to deliver long-needed reforms for our military acquisition. i'd also like to acknowledge the tremendous work of the armed service's committee panel led by mr. andrews of new jersey and mr. conaway of texas. my amendment builds on the panel's recommendation of getting the most out of the industrial base. defining and assessing the industrial base will be an ongoing challenge for both the department of defense and congress -- congress dating back to the creation of the armed fores themselves. one of the key findings of the panel was the need t
. >>> this week, i spent sometime in west virginia at the site of that tragic mining disaster. you know, a lot of people are paying attention now but i can tell you the impact of what's happening to this community is going on for a very long time. she is still waiting. in fact, larella is waiting and worrying for decades. >> you're always concerned. every time they walk out the door about a roof fall, about an explosion. about the danger. you know, that exists there. there's so things that can go wrong. >> reporter: in others that creep into lives over time. lorelei's husband went to the mines for 30 years. >> going a couple of miles underground in a very, very dark hole where it's dark and damp and like i said before, if the mountain starts falling in on you, there is nowhere to go. when the lights go out, you don't know where to go or what to do. >> reporter: she's also talking about something else. slower deaths. black lung. coal dust killing off the lungs and turning them black. over the last decade, 10,000 miners dieded of lung disease. kidney disease affects miners and neurological disor
, virginia. >>> a man went from minimum wage to a multimillionaire overnight. 29-year-old chris shaw won this week's power ball lottery jackpot worth a whopping $258 million. he purchased the winning ticket at the convenience store where he works as a clerk. yesterday shaw, who until recently had only $29 in his bank account, said he planned to use his winnings to take care of business. >> pay off some debts first, you know. that's the first thing 37 got some electric bill and gas bill and stuff like that to pay for. i'm just a regular guy, work paycheck to paycheck. >> shaw is also considering buying a new hot rod, boat and taking his three children and his girlfriend's into childrtwoo disney world. >>> this morning on "the early show," a live interview with chris shaw. i'm emily smith. and tortilla strips. h, add grilled chicken, and finish it with crispy quesadilla wedges. the quesadilla explosion salad is part of our entree plus an appetizer pairings for $9.99. pick one of our 16 entrees, like baby-back ribs or honey chipotle chicken crispers. then choose an appetizer -- all for just
of budget cuts. 90% of road maintenance funding has been cut. virginia lawmakers have made cuts to education, public safety, and health care. >>> gun rights supporters will hold two demonstrations today. the second amendment march will take place at the washington monument and dozens of people armed with weapons will gather at a park in virginia. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. doug mcelway, alison starling, and meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather. people know a lot about kim. they know she does her own make up. ♪ she can not set up a music stand... oh, they know that she always forgets where she puts her "magic wand"... but when she finds it, she makes magic happen. ♪ [ kim ] people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. and thanks to depend®, they don't. [ female announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors. >>> 3-d movies are all the rage right now. "how to train your dragon" took the box office this weekend. could the n
virginia, travel lanes are open, but sunshine delays. >> we know you are waking up earlier and we are too. you can join us at a new start time at >>> 7:30 now on a thursday morning, the 15th of april, 2010. a beautiful morning here in the northeast on what is traditionally not such a beautiful morning for a lot of people across the country -- tax day. if you're going to file those tax returns, that should be a little bit nerve-racking and cumbersome for a lot of people. we'll go outside and say hello to these people on the plaza in a while. >>> inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith vieira. >>> fans are posting parts of whitney houston's performance online. take a look. ♪ >> obviously not the sound people have come to expect from the six-time grammy winner. so what went wrong? we'll have more on that coming up. >>> plus, they say all good things must come to an end. that appears to be the case for these low mortgage rates we've been seeing over the past couple of years. so what if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, what if you're looking to buy a home in the near future
the end of the month. well, for example, one couple from virginia was in europe. what was supposed to be just a few days, but now that's turned into two weeks. >> our flight tomorrow was canceled. >> oh. >> so because the stuff in the air is just too dangerous. >> i am just dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy's ever done. you guys are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. >> love you, too. >> you're just so loved and being taken care of there. >> aw, see those little faces looking at their mom and dad on skype. well, the weather is constantly changing the amount of ash that's concentrated over europe's flight paths. let's go to meteorologist bonnie schneider in for bob this morning for a little more on that angle of the story. what do you think? >> robin, i think that it looks better today than it did saturday and sunday. here's why. looking at our flight explorer across much of europe, what you're seeing are these blue xs. that's where we have transponders not picking up any activity. where you see the yellow planes, that's where we are seeing activ
the night, recovery crews worked to remove the remaining victims from that west virginia coal mine disaster. a memorial service was held at the state capitol yesterday for 29 victims of last week's explosion. the blast was the worst coal mining disaster in this country since 1970. federal officials arrived yesterday. the mine has racked up a string of safety violations. >>> that tennessee woman who adopted a russian boy and then sent him back isn't talking. the boy was sent back to russia on a plane by himself last week. torry hansen wrote a note claiming the 7-year-old is mentally unstable and violent. hansen says she won't talk unless charges are filed. >> that's the only way we'll get to talk to her it looks like. so i guess we're kind of getting our hand forced here and that's the only thing i know to do at this point. >> but no federal laws have been broken, so it's up to local officials to press charges. there are allegations of abuse, but the boy's back in russia. russian has threatened to suspend all adoptions with the u.s. >>> the acting president in poland is naming replacements f
and failed a sobriety test. >>> in virginia you could say one father wasn't setting the best example for his daughter. surveillance cameras in a grocery store show the man snatching a woman's purse with one hand while holding his toddler in another. police have arrested the man, who's now facing theft charges. >>> a wisconsin police officer caught a brilliant sight on his dash cam when a bright light flashed through the sky. according to the sheriff, the event caused the sky to turn green. the faa says it was probably a meteor. >>> and in kentucky there was a derby of a different sort. the 38th annual running of the rodents. oh, that's so disturbing to watch. participants say the event is part student project, part stress relief, and, of course, the whiskered winner received a necklace made of fruit-flavored cereal. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the weather channel forecast. bill, i'm not sure why i say good morning. and, of course, it's going to be a rodent day. that's probably not the best way to kick off people's da
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